This write up has been a long time coming, I recall some conversations I had with my friends on this idea or concept of waiting. It had to do with being in a relationship with someone of the opposite sex, but as I thought through the concept of waiting so many aspects of the idea came to mind.

Upon reflection I see what waiting did for me and the benefits I stood to gain by waiting. Many times waiting seems like the tittle above, written with three defined dots, which appear to be an omission but in this case its a story, a situation, a conversation, an event, a decision, a season that trails of with an end in view.

The concept of waiting comes of as a very passive act, meaning waiting is seen to be the act of staying in one place or remaining inactive in expectation of something or nothing. Even though waiting may seem passive, there is a hope and an expectation for something or someone better.

Who waits _ A waiter {weɪtə}

This is someone who waits or is awaiting. At homes, restaurants and events there are those who wait by attending to customers or supplying them with their requests. They also follow rules and guidelines determined by the manager and carry out many tasks expected of them. They usually do so with a menu, serving tray and napkin in hand , just to assist anyone who may need their assistance.

This clearly shows that though the person stays put and usually out of sight there is no form of inactivity or passiveness in waiting. There is an expected result or reaction he is either mentally,emotionally or physically preparing for. In this case it is being of great service to those he/she waits on

There are 5 things to note about waiting.

Waiting demands a posture and position.

Waiting demands a sense of readiness and constant preparation.

Waiting brings change and growth.

Waiting brings satisfaction.

You must wait equipped and to be equipped.

In as much as, the idea of waiting suggests some inactivity, I dare say that its more about the position of waiting than the passive state you find yourself in while waiting. That’s simply being unproductive or idle.

A lot of the time while waiting for a ride or a public transport , we take a stand of waiting , we stand at vantage places where we can easily join the ride or be seen by the driver.This takes an understanding of the fact that in waiting there is position of readiness.

At the heart of every waiting period is an expectation. There is no form of idleness , the posture of waiting is expectation and the position of waiting is readiness. Its a hope that what ever you promised yourself or you were promised will materialize in due time.

Sometimes, I wonder if my waiting periods, no matter how short or long, are a waste of time. I find myself wondering whether these simple everyday activities or lack thereof, will ever amount to anything. I find myself taking a constant mental caution of my anxieties of what the future holds rather than the present, and honestly this train of thought gets me in some negative mental space, accompanied with feelings of “worry, anxiety,fear,jealousy “ etc.

In times like these I write them out, pondering on how I am thinking in the moment: With questions, pros,cons, reality checks and a reminder of the values I desire to instill within. When I don’t seem to get an answer I have a discussion with someone in my inner circle to get a clearer perspective on things, because a lot of our behavioral change and lack thereof comes as a result of our PERSPECTIVES.

When my perspective about a situation changes my response to the situation equally changes. I recently heard a story of a man who rode in an Uber at midnight. According to him, the Uber driver had gum in his mouth through out the ride and kept chewing in a loud and distasteful manner. He tried keeping his irritation at bay, but relented when he couldn’t take to noise anymore _ he questioned the driver on his reason in an annoyed tone _ to his surprise the driver said that the only thing keeping them alive was the gum, because he had little to no sleep during the day. After this little piece of information, he encouraged the driver to chew more because he understood that their safety depended on it.

Thinking about the possibility of an accident, this situation is a little bizarre, but it illustrates the reality of how a shift in perspective can change your response or reaction to a season or situation.

The tarrying process may be draining, confusing and long but the growth and change we experience when we trust the process, will be what we never dreamed or imagined. It all works out together when the process is right . It may not be what we expect but our positive perspective and submission to the right process through patience, focus, gratitude and diligence; will build in us a character,capacity and grace for so much more in life.



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